BIS, BISS GCH CH Rush Hill’s Run’n Amuck at Abelard OA,OAJ,AXP,AJP,NFP,WC,VCX (SDHF,OS)

GCH CH Rush Hill's Run'n Amuck at Abelard

Chaos on the water at a hunt test.

BIS, BISS GCh. Rush Hill’s Run’n Amuck at Abelard OA,OAJ,AXP,AJP,NFP,WC,VCX (SDHF,OS)

Chaos making a nice retrieve!

BIS, BISS GCh. Rush Hill’s Run’n Amuck at Abelard OA,OAJ,AXP,AJP,NFP,WC,VCX (SDHF,OS)

Chaos and Tonya on their way to a Group 3 at the 2008 Eukanuba!

This Boy Can Do It All!

Chaos rocking and rolling through an agility course!

2010 Evergreen Golden Retriever Club - Best In Specialty Show

Chaos takes Best In Specialty Show Under Nancy Talbott as a Veteran!

2010 Westminster Dog Show

Chaos and Tonya putting it in high gear for the go-round

Career Highlights

  • 2009 GRCA National Specialty Best of Breed (breeder judge Jeff Pepper – Pepperhill)
  • 2010 GRCA National Specialty Best of Breed (breeder judge Henric Fryckstrand – Dewmist-Sweden)
  • 2011 GRCA National Specialty Best of Opposite Sex (Breeder judge Barbara Pepper – Pepperhill)
  • GRCA Show Dog Hall of Fame
  • Multiple Best In Shows
  • Multiple Best In Specialty winner
  • Versatility Certificate Excellent
  • Outstanding Sire (20 Champion offspring)

Judges’ Critiques

2011 GRCA National Specialty

Best of Opposite Sex – Barbara Pepper (Pepperhill)

“An exquisite dog, gray faced.  I’m assuming he’s a veteran.  Extremely balanced.  Exquisite front end.  Beautiful bend of stifle in the rear.  Neck, shoulder, topline, just a wonderful dog.   Very light on his feet.”

2010 GRCA National Specialty

Best of Breed – Henric Fryckstrand ( Dewmist / Sweden)

“A gorgeous dog oozing quality and in wonderful bloom, combining masculinity and elegance with substance in a perfect way, well balanced head nice expression, reachy neck which is well set on, lovely front, plenty of bone, and neat feet, well-ribbed and deep through the heart, the best of top lines excellent quarters with good second thigh, holds his outline perfectly on the move, immaculately presented in perfect coat, wonderful length of stride, moves seemingly without effort and I felt he was a very worthy winner and ultimately landed the Best of Breed.”

2009 GRCA National Specialty

Best of Breed-Jeff Pepper (Pepperhill)

“This dog had nearly everything that I was looking for, beginning with his excellent compact, silhouette showing beautiful type, his expressive correct head and eye, with added character given by his slightly graying muzzle and expressive eyes. He has a lovely level backline both standing and moving, a beautifully and correctly constructed front with good forechest, excellent layback of shoulder and his scapula and upperarm of nearly equal length, giving him the desired front angulation that was perfectly balanced by that of his hindquarters. He was a joy to watch going around the ring as well as coming and going, giving the clear impression of an athletic dog capable of a full day’s work without tiring. In an entry of this size attitude is also important, and this dog was bursting with great attitude that never quit. This wonderful package was wrapped in a correct, moderate, double coat with just enough feathering to make an excellent picture whether standing or moving.”

2008 GRCA Western Regional Specialty

Best of Opposite Sex – Virgina Lyne

“A handsome compliment to the BOB bitch and the sire of the WD & WB today. He is clearly a male with bone and appropriate size and balance. He is sound coming and going and has a firm topline. He is a quality representative of the breed”

“Chaos” was born in April of 2003. As a show dog he possess it all. His drive is never ending and will give me 100% in the show ring. There is nothing better than being on the end of the lead of a dog that loves the sport. He earned his Grand Championship at 5 Specialties by going Best of Breed at 4 specialties including the 2009 & 2010 GRCA National Specialties. When it comes to moving Chaos is hard to beat. He is very clean coming and going. His side gait is strong and covers the ground with long powerful strides. Some of his strong points are his topline and excellent front assembly. I could go on about his structure but I decided to leave that up to the judges’ critiques…

He is 23 ½ inches tall and weighs an average of 78 lbs. When you talk about a name…. Chaos truly fits his demeanor. While he is an extremely sweet dog, this package comes with lots of exuberant energy. At times I swear he is like a bull in a china closet, and at other times he is the gentle giant. His favorite position is to be hugging with his paws wrapped around your waist. Fortunately this is a trait that he passes on to his kids.

Chaos is truly an all around versatile dog. With the energy that Chaos possesses I decided that he needed a job. So I decided to start with the agility venue. Due to his height and the fact that I didn’t want to jump him at 24” I quickly dropped him into the preferred classes. All of his agility training was done while he was also being campaigned in the show ring. There were days that we were racing between the breed ring, agility classes, then back to the group ring, and finishing up with the fast agility class. Did I forget to say that I was handling other breeds at the same time, trust me at times juggling his schedule and mine wasn’t easy.

After attaining his excellent preferred titles I decided to round out his name by adding some field titles. He started his field training as a veteran so needless to say birds were not something that he expected to retrieve, nor did he want to. He preferred the green fuzzy balls to the moving feathered friends. But he came to love the fieldwork and we now at times we pray his gentle mouth will release the birds at the test. Chaos currently has his Working Certificate which completed the requirements needed for the Golden Retriever Club of America’s Versatility Certificate Excellent (VCX) award. This is a feat that I am very proud of. Our final goal for Chaos is to finish his JH and WCX in the summer of 2012.

Rush Hill’s Run’n Amuck at Abelard -

Chaos and Tonya on their way to a Group 3 at the 2008 Eukanuba!


09/28/11 Golden Retriever National Specialty Barbara Pepper BOS, 2nd Stud Dog Class
05/27/11 Inland Empire GR Specialty Plauis Davern BOB
04/01/11 Pacific GR Specialty Nancy Talbott Select
09/30/10 Golden Retriever National Specialty Henric Fryckstrand BOB, 2nd Stud Dog Class
06/20/10 Evergreen  GR Specialty Libby O’Donnell Naimo BOB
06/19/10 Evergreen GR Specialty Nancy Talbott BOB
10/26/09 Golden Retriever National Specialty Jeff Pepper BOB, 2nd Stud Dog Class
08/23/08 Evergreen GR Specialty Barbara Pepper BOB
03/14/08 Pacific GR Specialty Dr.Elliot More BOB
02/28/08 GRCA Western Regional Virginia Lyne BOS
10/27/07 Nor-Cal GR Specialty Dr.Elliot More BOB
06/01/07 GRC of Los Angeles Col Jonathan C Chase BOB
03/16/07 Pacific GR Specialty Suzanne Dillin BOB
03/02/06 Valle Del Sol GR Specialty Linda Hurlebaus WD, BW Finished
02/10/06 Pacific Rim GR Specialty Marian Mason Hodesson WD, BW


All Breed Shows and Statistics

2011 #9 Golden All breed limitied showing
2008 #6  Golden All breed
09/28/11 Wenatchee KC Jeff Pepper Best In Show
08/18/11 Rainier Sporting Dog Assoiation Gary Anderson Group 1
02/15/10 Westminister KC Virginia Lyne BOS
12/13/08 American Kennel Club / Eukanuba Elliott Weiss BOB
12/13/08 American Kennel Club / Eukanuba Louis Auslander Sporting Group 3
12/13/08 American Kennel Club / Eukanuba Patricia Laurans Best Bred By Group 2
11/17/07 Whidbey Island KC Monia Canestrini Best In Show

Chaos’ Champion Offspring

  • BIS,BISS GCH Ch Rush Hill’s River Road Payoff (SDHF) (2010 #1 Golden #10 Sporting dog)
  • BIS,BISS GCH CH Gaia of Yoshida Enterprise (SDHF)
  • BIS,BISS GCH Koria’s Life Of The Party (SDHF)
  • BIS,BISS GCH Ch Dalane Doizaki Buckingham’s Pride (SDHF)
  • BIS,BISS GCH Shadowland’s Paws for Applause at Tristar CD, RA (SDHF) (2011 Top 20 Winner)
  • BISS GCH Ch Scion Hot Pants (SDHF) (2011 GRCA National Specialty BOB)
  • GCH Ch River Road’s Pay’N it Forward
  • GCH Ch Colorbook’s Silent Lucidity
  • Ch. Colorbook’s Time Space Continuum
  • Ch. Dalane Hayden Claire-Bear
  • Ch. Dalane Guinness Extra Stout
  • Ch. Dalane’s Rising Son CD RA
  • Ch. Sonora’s Shopping Spree
  • Ch. Shadowland’s Get’R Done RN
  • Ch. Shadowland’s Morado Gettysburg Address
  • Ch. Koria’s Alaskan Sky
  • Ch. Might Lady of Yoshida Enterprise Jp
  • Ch. Rush Hill’s Go’N Ta Speak Widda Accent
  • Ch. Rush Hill’s Koria’s Alibi
  • Ch. Rush Hill’s Murder Mystery
  • Ch. Rush Hill’s Whole Lotta Shak’n Go’n On